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We offer large order discounts and wholesale terms for the trade industry on all of our oils, powders, incenses, floor washes, herb mixes, aura sprays, mojo bags and we can also make items just for your shop such as spell kits and more.


Why should you buy our items for your own shop?

  • Wholesale orders receive a 25% discount before P&P – therefore you can make a good profit.
  • The Village Witch is a globally known brand and we have been established for 22 years with thousands of customers worldwide.
  • Every item is made by hand, charged with intent and blessed by real witches.
  • We are able to help you with information for every single product as well as also sending you information documents you can print off for your customers and shop should you wish.
  • Every member of staff is either a traditional witch, rootworker, voodoo priestess or other magic practitioner. We have over 250 years combined knowledge between us.
  • On request, we can send you a certificate of authenticity to display in your shop.

Our normal terms and conditions apply as well as the extra wholesale terms below.

  • Your minimum order MUST be £200 or more BEFORE P&P
  • We sell and send all over the world but please be aware of the customs and excise issues in your own country.
  • Our labels MUST stay on all of our products, you may not add your own labels to them. We can tell our products even without our labels on so please do not try to remove them and claim them as your own, we will find out.
  • You MUST credit us with the products by using our name THE VILLAGE WITCH SHOP and our website link – https://www.thevillagewitch.co.uk
  • You must NOT use our SEO, website page titles, page descriptions or permainks.
  • You MAY use our text with express permission in writing from us here at The Village Witch Shop, or we can write text for you.
  • We can make custom oils, powders, washes, vinegars, incense blends and waters and vinegars to your requirements, please email us to let us know what you want.
  • We will email you back with your invoice via PayPal and an estimated time of dispatch, please be aware, all of our items are MADE TO ORDER because we only use authentic recipes and ingredients and do not use pre-made stock.
  • Overseas orders are sent by standard Royal Mail/Parcelforce and are be subject to your own countries delivery and customs and excise checks. Each country has it’s own customs rules and regulations and we are not responsible for any items/orders being delayed or withheld by customs in your country, because of this we cannot guarantee overseas delivery and you make purchases at your own risk if not being delivered to the UK. We cannot send magical honey to Australia.
  • Postage prices depend on size of wholesale order and although we may quote a price at time of payment we reserve the right to ask for more shipping fees to be paid if the price of shipping is excessively more than we have quoted. Also if the shipping (and packaging) is lower than we quoted, we will refund you the difference. Wholesale orders are sent tracked and signed for unless otherwise requested by the customer.


  • No account is required, all wholesale orders are put through manually on our system so simply email us (shop@thevillagewitch.co.uk or use form below) with the products and quantity you want from the following categories on our website:

Handmade Magical Oils, Spell Oils & Anointing Oils – 8ml Glass Vials

Handmade Magical Oils, Spell Oils & Anointing Oils – 50ml Glass Bottles

Handmade Magical Spell Powders, Blessing Powders, Dirts & Dusts – 8ml Glass Vials

Handmade Magical Spell Powders, Blessing Powders, Dirts & Dusts – 50ml Glass Bottles

Handmade Magical Waters, Floor Washes & Vinegars

Handmade Spell & Ritual Incense Blends (Only our handmade items)

Handmade Aura Sprays & Magical Spell Sprays

Handmade Magical Inks & Spell Inks

Handmade Magical Honey (we cannot send honey to Australia sorry)

Handmade Authentic Mojo Bags

Handmade Pure Herb Infusion Oils (8ml)

Handmade Pure Resin Infusion Oils (8ml)

Spell Candles

Custom Oils – Please CONTACT US with you requirements

Custom Powders – Please CONTACT US with you requirements

Custom Spell Kits – Please CONTACT US with you requirements

Custom Herb Mixes – Please CONTACT US with you requirements

Custom Incenses – Please CONTACT US with you requirements

Custom Aura Sprays – Please CONTACT US with you requirements

Custom Mojo Bags – Please CONTACT US with you requirements

Custom Inks – Please CONTACT US with you requirements

Custom Floor Washes – Please CONTACT US with you requirements


Please use the form below for more information about our wholesale service or to place an order.