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What is a Village Witch?

Traditional witches do not follow any rules as such. They do not have a rede (Wiccan rede or otherwise),  they do not follow the threefold law or any dogma or religious writings.  Because of this traditional villages witches will do whatever they feel is needed for any particular situation.  Witchcraft is neither good or bad, neither white or black. It is the intent of the witch which sways each spell, blessing or rite’s outcome. It is deemed honourable for a  witch to do anything they need to, to protect their family, friends and possessions. A traditional witch is responsible for his or her own actions and that is the only moral code we live by.

As a village witch we are here to serve the local community, to offer help and advice, information and counsel, when needed on all things magical.

We do not believe in deities.  A witch following the old ways believes in the equality of all beings in the Universe, seeing them as different, separate, but never superior or inferior.  This difference is often a source of confusion as many modern day witches (those who follow the path of Wicca which was founded in the 1950′s) have many deities they worship.

Magic is around us all the time and a traditional witch makes magic a daily part of their lives. Even if it is as simple as making a cup of tea to wind down after a long day, this is an act of magic as you are making something with intent.  A village witch does not need all the trimmings a Wiccan would need to perform as spell. Wiccans tend to write chants, have color coordinated candles, ribbons and cloths, essential oils, crystals etc. Not to mention performing the spell on the right day and the right time and the right phase of the moon. Witches perform spells as needed and simply as a few words thought inside their head or a few simple words said out loud. Of course sometimes it is nice to have the spell ingredients to ‘get in the mood’ but they are not necessary.

The way you perceive the world around you has a lot to do with how your life-path will travel. A witch should always be skeptical in nature, possessing an open but critical mind.  Having an open mind is truly a wonderful thing, but not if it’s so open that you believe everything you hear.  Gather as much information as you can, listen to everything and then make decisions about how things are.

We do not show off our talents or run around all in black chanting by the frozen food aisle in our local supermarket.  Someone who strives for attention will get it, and eventually it will lead to undesirable attention.

Village witches are part of the community and offer their services to their local area, whether that be creating charms, spells or just a shoulder to cry on.  They are also there to help others learn the old ways and apprentices are often taken. We are the wise women (and men) of days gone by.  Centuries ago, the local village witch would have been held in high esteem and often called for various problems, events and also ceremonies.  The village witch would have been the local midwife, doctor, counsellor, magic maker, herbalist and much more.

When I tell people I am a Witch, about 95% of the replies I receive say “So you’re Wiccan?”….No.

I am a Witch, because I use magic, therefore I practise Witchcraft.  This means, I do whatever I need to, when I need to.

Witchcraft dates back thousands of years to it’s roots in folk magic/village wise women, where as Wicca was created in the 1950’s.   A witch does not follow a doctrine or rulebook, where as Wiccans have the Wiccan Rede  ‘an ye harm none, do what ye will’.  Witches believe that you do what is necessary and take responsibility for our actions.

Wiccans follow deities or a divine source, Traditional Witches do not.  Wicca is a faith or a belief system, Witchcraft is a way of life.  You can be both of course, you can believe in Wicca and practise Witchcraft so you are a Wiccan Witch, but Traditional Witches have no ‘faith’.  We just are.

Now all that being said, I have many friends that are Wiccan.  I totally respect their choice, it works for them and that is great, they know I’m not Wiccan and they wish me well too.  I have many (many, many lol) Wiccan books and I love to read about all cultures.  But my friends and I don’t sit there debating which way is the best because life is too short.  We are different but also share some common ground.  If we were all the same, the world would be a very boring place.

I don’t need to cast circles to work, where as most Wiccan’s do. I don’t plan spells or anything like it, if something needs doing I get it done and there is a little bit magic in everything I do. I don’t do any chanting/wailing/ throwing my arms up in the air and dancing naked around my garden (oh what a sight that would be!) because I don’t feel the need to, and it’s bloody cold most of the time in England.   Although to be fair, I don’t know many Wiccans that do that either but some do chant and if it works for them, then good, it just doesn’t work for me.

I don’t need to wear ‘witchy’ clothes or act ‘witchy’ to get something done.  I am a Witch, it’s there all the time.  I don’t have a magical name, I am just Sally (or my friends call me Sal) because that is who I am.  Being a Witch is something that is in me, I know no different, it’s just me.

The great thing about Wicca which I think all Traditional Witches should be happy about (and if they are not, they are just being stubborn), it allowed us to be more open about practising Witchcraft and that can only be a good thing.

I hope this post helps you to understand the difference, if only in a small way.  I am not saying either way is better than the other, I just want to explain who I am and why.

I have a good sense of humour and love to have a laugh. We don’t all have black cats and wear pointy hats 😉

I have been studying the history of magic, witchcraft and spells since as long as I can remember as I come from generations of wise women before me and love to teach others our way of life and how they can bring in a little magic into their lives.

I also write books and articles on witchcraft and have been filmed in documentaries on the topic of witchcraft in the UK.

I hope you enjoy browsing my site, visiting my shop and reading all the information.

Share the magic…

15 replies on “What is a Village Witch?”

Love your site and content. Years ago i did a crystal therapy course, and loved it, but it amazed me how many people looked at me oddly afterwards, as if I practised something weird. So I understand exactly what you mean! Now there is research going on into vibrational medicine, yes, using crystals!

Thanks for putting it in words for me. I had a tough time trying to describe myself, but I think you said it clearly. I live in Portland, Oregon (USA), but I could relatively say that’s where I’m at philosophically too. (Btw, I myself am being trained by a Scottish wizard from the Shetlands. It’s not easy for an American to understand British English, but I will survive. Hehe… 😉 )

I am absolutely blown away at just how well I relate to your explanations of Witches and how they differ…these are the very words that are in my head but fail to come out of my mouth! Thank you, thank you, thank you for being that voice!

Blessings and Balance to you always!

Thank you so much for such a great explanation. My husband has felt strongly about being a witch for a long time and I am new to all of this so I haven’t understood. I am open to it but cautious also. I look forward to learning a lot about this and using this site as a resource. Thank you again.

I love your website! I’ve been trying to find info on witchcraft unrelated to wicca and I couldn’t seem to find it until now! Just wondering…if I am a trad witch, yet incorporate some things from wicca because I like them (such as candles, herbs, crystals, etc), does that make me less of a trad witch? Or no? Would it make me eclectic? idk Trad Witch just feels so right to say for me…
Also, can a trad witch have a book of shadows, even if its just of herb and crystal meanings? Not really a “spell” book?

Thank you so much for the information on your site. It has helped me to understand alot more of the things i am trying to learn about ie Magic witchcraft etc. I am a 56 year old ( leaving it a bit late i know. ) i have been looking for someone to help me learn the craft, in my area of Wickhambrook, Suffolk, England. but have had no luck as yet. If you know of anybody that would be interested in helping me in my quest. I would be very greatful for any help you could send my way. Thanks again.

This is what i have been looking for thankyou. Your description of a witch who does not follow is just how i feel. We are all equal there are no them and us. It has taken me a long time to realise my calling but i have felt drawn to this for so long. My mum was a wise woman who everyone went to for help, i know it i am just like her. I look forward to my journey of learning and becoming what i always knew i was.

Good day, I just stumbled across your website BAM! You got me, you know what I have been struggling with since 1998. When learned of Wicca. It was the path that eventually lead me to Witchcraft. I am a witch but only a few things within wicca felt right for me. I am a follower of the Goddess Diana. But, everything else I believe to be outside of Wicca. I believe Witchcraft is the correct path for me.I plan to absorb everything I can. Thank you for being real and thank you for your website!

Thank you, thank you, thank you! I’m new to this, trying to learn, and 99% of everything I’ve found is Wicca related. I’ve known several Wiccans, most of them lovely people, but I’m just not Wiccan. It’s such a relief to find your site.

I love your post and now I’m sat here thinking and wondering exactly what I am …. I always classed myself as an eclectic wiccan witch but I’m now wondering if I’m “just” a witch ! I always used the term electic because I do what suits me and what I’m drawn too. I’m the woman everyone comes to for healing, whether its for Reiki, Indian Head Massage or to find out how I would treat a burn, infections or a simple cold .. I’m the house all the children in the street come too if they have an accident as they know I have everything to hand to ease the pain and help them and its mostly in an alternative natural way. You’ve really got me re-assessing myself and I’m away to have a think and a word with myself tonight ~ Blessings

Hi. I’ve just stumbled on your site as I’ve been searching and searching for any place in my town that would sell candles for spells….I read what your about, and I totally understand. I come from a Christian family, they have no idea I’m looking into this, they have the typical view on witchcraft that was around in the medieval era, …if they knew the way I’m thinking now they would condemn me to hell….this is all new to me, I think I’m becoming a witch, just seems to be drawing me in and there’s no way I can shake it, not even by praying the lords prayer… just feels like my head and my heart are at war…..I’m afraid of becoming a witch because of what my family , and my fiance who is also from a Christian family will think of me…..I do think maybe I can keep it a secret, but I’m at the beggining and I don’t know where to begin.

Thank you so much! This validates how I thought of myself all along. I do not follow dieties and I do spells when I am in need of them. Yes I use tools but that is only because it helps ME focus my intent not because they are necessarily required. I am very happy I came across this site!

Absolutely love all of the posts on here. Being a Male is sometimes difficult for people to grasp as surely a Witch is an old hag with a pointy hat and runny nose. Sometimes people make me laugh with their perception of a Witch and as for a male, surely I’m a Warlock or a Wizard? Not in the least, I’m a very proud Witch and part of my magic is healing and communication. I often get asked “where did I train” and I get the strangest looks when I say “I haven’t been anywhere to train, I’ve never known any different even from a small child but if you want to force an answer look around you because there’s a lesson in every sound, vision, smell”. May all of you on here always walk in sunshine

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