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We are rebranding!

As the Autumn Equinox approaches and the seasons change once again, it is time for The Village Witch to also change and evolve into a brand new chapter. It is time to rebrand!

The Village Witch has been serving the witchy community for nearly 30 years, and with the wheel of the year coming to the end, it is time to give The Village Witch the extra magic it deserves. I would like to take this time to thank you all for your support over the years whether it be through friendships, orders, subbing to our subscription boxes or readings. But now, it is time to introduce to you, The Lancashire Witch.

Welcome to The Lancashire Witch

So! If you haven’t already seen on social media, The Village Witch is rebranding into The Lancashire Witch. The Lancashire Witch already has a physical shop premise, as well as an online shop coming very, very shortly. I know this may come as a shock to some of our long-time fans and there may be many a question to be asked, so I am going to try to answer a few of them here. However, if you have any more questions, please feel free to ask away by replying to this email or contacting us on social media!

What will happen to The Village Witch?

As of October 1st, The Village Witch will no longer be active on social media. The website will remain open for a little while to ensure that all outstanding orders are complete and to allow anyone who hasn’t yet seen the rebrand, a chance to place final orders and be directed to the new site. However, as of Samhain, and as the witchy wheel of the year comes to an end, so will The Village Witch, as we currently know it.

What is The Lancashire Witch?

The Lancashire Witch is the magical evolution of The Village Witch. The Village Witch began with a Mum and her two young daughters, in a village. But a lot has changed since The Village Witch was created, and thus it feels like the perfect time to give everything a shake up! The Lancashire Witch will be, and already is, everything that The Village Witch was always meant to be, and more. We want The Lancashire Witch to be a safe space for everyone, whether it be online or in person, and a place to find authentic, handmade, magical goods and supplies that are true to the old ways.

We? Who is this we?

This is my second biggest announcement! Sally (the founder of The Village Witch) is returning and I will be working alongside her to help our magical community. I know that many of our TVW family have missed Sal’s presence and wisdom. In fact, I still get messages and emails asking to speak to her daily. But now, you get to have Sal back, and what’s better, I will still be here too – it truly is the best of both worlds!

What about all the products? Will I still be able to get my favourites?

Of course! Our TVW ranges have already been making their way over to The Lancashire Witch! There will of course be one obvious difference – the labelling will be different. However, it is still our recipes, it is still all made by hand, it is still made with all our magic and love. In fact, the biggest difference, will be that the quality will be even better. This is due to us being able to finally use foraged goods (With permission) from the land around us or our garden. Whilst the quality of TVW products were never bad, in fact we have always been proud of the quality and authenticity of our products, the quality of The Lancashire Witch products will naturally improve on a great foundation as we get to use fresher ingredients that not only mean something magically, but mean even more to us as we have tried to source it from us or from the land we live on and dried ourselves. We are open to so many more opportunities now that we get to make our products precisely how we want them to be, and we cannot be more excited. If there is something, however, you need that you could get from The Village Witch, but cannot yet find it on The Lancashire Witch, please don’t hesitate to ask us!

What about the services?

Services are still going ahead, but under a different name. Alongside working with Sal again with the rebrand into The Lancashire Witch, I am also embarking on a new venture of my own. You may know that outside of the “witchy world”, I work/study/live in the realms of Positive Psychology and Coaching and found that I could easily combine this with magic. Empowered Magic will be the base for all my current services, which include tarot, numerology, pendulum readings, rod readings and even spell work. Empowered Magic, however, also offers you the chance to find your own inner empowerment through courses (such as becoming a tarot reader), affirmation building, Pagan Psychology Coaching and other empowering bespoke gifts and tools based around empowerment and affirmations. This will be different to The Lancashire Witch in the sense that The Lancashire Witch offers everything a Witch could possibly dream of! Empowered Magic, will be entirely based upon empowerment and affirmation work to release your inner power.

Where can I go next?

We would love to invite you to follow The Village Witch’s new journey with us on our new website and social media accounts!

You can find The Lancashire Witch here: www.thelancashirewitch.co.uk
The Lancashire Witch is also on Facebook and Instagram! You can find us on @thelancswitch. Please follow us on these social accounts to get our new updates, new releases and other witchy goodness as The Village Witch social accounts will no longer be used as of the 1st October 2023.

If you are interested in affirmation work, empowerment exercises and tools as well as the readings you have come to love, you can find me on Empowered Magic at www.empoweredmagic.co.uk
I am also on both Facebook and Instagram under the handle @empoweredmagic.

Wishing you a very magical day ahead and I will look forward to sharing this new progression and evolution of The Village Witch with you.

Amy x

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We are rebranding!

As the Autumn Equinox approaches and the seasons change once again, it is time for The Village Witch to also change and evolve into a

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