The power of candlelight

I have always loved candles.  The light, the mood, the warmth and the atmosphere they bring with them.  When a candle is lit it can give you so many feelings and enhance so many moods.  Love, romance, mystery, power, magic, celebration, joy, respect, mourning and more.  We have a lot of candles in our house and I love to light them as often as I can and sit just by candlelight and reflect on the day, or cuddle up on the sofa with hubby and the girls and watch a movie by candlelight.

The soft light of the flame draws me in every time.  I watch the flames dance about if there is a slight breeze and am completely enchanted by the warmth they give, even from the smallest of candle.

Most of us would have had birthday cakes with candles on at some point in our lives, or if there has been a power cut most people rummage around the house to find that pack of candles at the back of one of the kitchen cupboards that are there ‘just in case’.  In our house we could probably out the local power station with how many candles we have, but I don’t care, I just love them.

I am not heavily into rituals with magic.  I just don’t feel the need to get everything out and spend half an hour chanting, magic is all around us so I just do what I need to do there and then, however, I nearly always light a candle.

I also use candles a lot for friends if they are unwell, or sad or need someone to send them a smile.  I’ll light a candle in their honour.  That is just my way of doing a quick spell that I can pretty much do anywhere in my house at any given time.   I even have candles in my garden.  Underneath my twisted willow tree in my garden I have a stone slab which has 2 white candles sitting on it.

A candle can make you feel relaxed, happy and reflective.  It can you to focus or drift off into a dream world.  You don’t have to use expensive candles, you can get a pack of 20 tealights in the local cheapy shop for £1, these work just as well.  You don’t need expensive candle holders either.  If you are using tealights you can use a glass or even a jam jar as a holder.  You could even decorate your glasses or jars using stain glass window paint, permanent marker pens or stick on jewels.

Next time you want to really relax or maybe you need to focus on something to get your mindset into the ‘right place’ try using a candle and let me know how you get on!

4 thoughts on “The power of candlelight

  1. Kadeeae (Wazzat) says:

    Lovely post, sooo true about candles and fire in general. So ‘watchable’ and emotive 🙂 Really liking the new background/style too! Many thanks for your kind words on my blog, it does honestly feel as if I’m starting over . . . so much ahead, so excited!

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