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Every own brand item handmade and blessed to order.
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MEDIUM Hocus Pocus Hamper - Witchcraft and Magical Monthly Themed Box




Perfect for yourself or as a gift. A witchcraft/hoodoo/magical themed magical monthly box.

Welcome to our Medium Hocus Pocus Hamper! Our January 2022 theme is Inspiration and Motivation!

Our Medium Hocus Pocus Hampers will always include the following items:

  • Aura Spray
  • Floor Wash
  • Oil
  • Powder
  • Ink
  • Incense
  • Cleansing Salt
  • Candle

And YOU WILL ALWAYS RECEIVE AN EDIBLE TREAT to nibble on whilst you open your box!


Welcome to January! Our Hocus Pocus Hamper theme for this month is Inspiration & Motivation! You can find a list of our Hocus Pocus Hamper items listed on the following products below!

We have 3 sizes available for our Hocus Pocus Hampers: Small (£20), Medium (£30) and Large (£45). No matter what size you buy, you will always receive a collection of goodies made by us here at The Village Witch, at a RRP of at least £15 over the price of your chosen Hocus Pocus Hamper size.

These are NOT your average ‘witchy’ monthly boxes as ours are mainly created with our own handmade and high quality items and made in house!

Our boxes cover a range of items from different paths including traditional witchcraft, wicca, hoodoo and rootwork. A great way to start a magical collection!

WHAT MAKES OURS DIFFERENT?  We encourage you to fact find, to research and to write your own magic! We don’t want to spoon feed you magic that isn’t personal to you, we want your magic to be YOUR magic! Box item instructions are on our website, with little ideas on how to use the products in the box to write your very own spell! You can find the instructions here:

All of our own branded products in the box are handmade and themed for that box.

So as you can see, this is not your standard witchy box, we want to encourage you to be confident in your magic, whether you are are a beginner or you have been doing it for years, we are here every step of the way.


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