update update firmware header 710x503 1 - SHOP UPDATE - CORONAVIRUS - WE ARE STILL OPEN!


The shop remains OPEN and will continue to be open as long as we possibly can. We are still currently virus free here (fingers crossed it stays that way!) and still working hard for you.


We have enough ingredients to keep the shop open a while longer. We are already having problems getting vials, bottles and tubs to us but we will continue to try and we still have a lot left but just in case, we have added a new category to the shop – HERB MIXES – these are all the standard oil/powder mixes we used for our oils and powders but in plain herb mix form and can be purchased in a 25g bag for £4.50 – this is so you can add them to your own spells but still have our recipes and blends as we know you love our blends! *Update* we managed to get more tubs today HURRAH! These are clear tubs and not our usual lovely amber tubs we use for our incense, but they are still tubs and better than bags!!! Yaaaay! (Herb mixes will always be in bags, but incense is now back in tubs!)


We have a lot of stock on order which will be coming all throughout next week (Monday-Friday 6th-10th April 2020) and when all these bits arrive, we will be back on full stock again. We already have most things in, but the rest will be here next week.


We always say to allow 7 working days for items to be shipped out just because we make everything by hand at the time you order. Nothing is premade in advance. Because the whole of the UK is slowing down and we are becoming a little short staffed ourselves AND we are fighting to get stock in, please allow an extra time for shipping, this could be up to 10 working days. We do realise you want your goodies ASAP and we are doing our very best to keep the orders flowing out of the shop as quick as we can.

Orders will be sent ONCE A WEEK ONLY on a WEDNESDAY. Please be patient with us as we are putting our health at risk to send your parcels so we are only going to visit the post office once a week. Sub boxes will go out on the closest Wednesday AFTER the 10th of the month. BUT we are still going to get orders and sub boxes out to you for as long as we can whilst we are in lockdown status.

For now, we have had to stop International orders (not sub boxes, just orders). Delivery times are being a little slower now but we can understand Royal Mail having issues and being under staffed, so let’s show them support by not moaning that first class post is taking 3-4 days to get anywhere.


Sub boxes will continue as normal. You may have some different products and some different ways of packaging… but for as long as we can, we will get them to you. We love making the sub boxes and we know you love them too so we are doing all we can to get them to you, even if the boxes look different, or they are sent a different way. We are doing our best to keep them going and they will always be extremely good value for money. As I said, you may get extra Sub boxes will go out on the closest Wednesday AFTER the 10th of the month. (see above for why)


All services (spell work etc) are continuing as normal.


If you haven’t already, please come and join our group at – we will be running some free events to keep everyone upbeat and learning new skills whilst social distancing, isolation and lock downs are in place.


We are doing our very best to keep everything running as normal. If something happens, changes or needs to be updated, we are making additions, substitutions and alternative arrangements. We are indeed, doing our very best.

Wherever you are, stay safe, stay well, keep listening to and following your own country’s government’s advice and WASH YOUR HANDS!

From us all at The Village Witch Shop x