Meet The Team

The Village Witch Shop (and it’s various incarnations) has been around since 1995 so that is a whopping 22 years this year! However, it isn’t just one person who makes it all happen. With a website, shop, 5 Facebook groups, workshops and clubs, we are full community and here to stay. We thought it was about time that we presented the amazing TVW Team to you so you know who is who!

The Head Witch

I am the very proud owner of TVW and the shop which started off selling just 20 products now has over 2000 and 97% of those items being handmade by us to order. I am a traditional witch (not wiccan) and was raised this way so really know no different, our lineage goes back for about 10 generations so far that we have found. For the past 25 years I have also studied hoodoo, vodou and New Orleans voodoo. I have appeared in various documentaries on witchcraft and written for and had interviews in publications such as The Daily Mail, Fate & Fortune, Spirit & Destiny and The Fortean Times. I am also a fully qualified complimentary health therapist. I offer training and workshops in traditional witchcraft and love what I do. I am a wife and mum of 2.

The Memory Bank

Hi! I am the resident tarot reader for TVW but not only that, I am also Bexz’s eldest daughter 😉 I have been raised as a witch (my own choice) and have been learning about herbs and reading tarot since I was about 5 years old. I am called the Memory Bank because I can recall all recipes for every product we sell without looking it up! I am interested in hoodoo and often help Bexz with the day to day side of hoodoo but primarily, like Bexz, I am a traditional witch. I often help out with the orders that go out to our customers as well as the tarot readings. I am so proud to be part of TVW now as an adult so that my ‘witchy’ life will always continue.

The Orders Man

Hi, I’m Luc and let’s just say if you have an order from the TVW shop it was probably prepared by me. I love to make and what I love to make even more is items that I know will work. I am a hoarder of recipes and I even have a few of my original recipes that are now a staple of the TVW shop. With a passion for ‘non-fussy’ witchcraft and also demonology, I love making oils and brews for any situation and can often be found stirring a pot of hot brew ready to be drunk.

The Packing Man

I’m Marcus and I help Luc with the orders and make sure everything is labelled and packed ready to go. I am just starting to learn tarot and being married to Amy, I am often tested on my herb knowledge 😉 I make sure that all our gorgeous products are packed well so they arrive safely to our customers.

The Irish Emerald

I have been a witch as long as I can remember, my Mum is a druid and my Granny was a wise woman, our line goes way back and I’m so proud of it. I am originally from Ireland so love the lore and traditions that come with being an Irish witch. I have been reading tarot for 20 years, I am a student of New Orleans Hoodoo, I love the energy that rootwork has, I am currently training to be a Reiki Master Teacher, I honour the Sabbats and Esbat and work with the darker Goddesses and Gods. I am not only one of the admins for The Village Witch online groups but also will be bringing some new services to TVW shop very soon.

The Instinctive Witch

My name is Nicolai or Nick for short and I am part of the admin team for The Village Witch online community and groups. I was drawn to witchcraft at a very young age but did not have a name for what I was feeling until I was 16 when a much older witch noticed me and took me under her wing. She educated me and opened my eyes to a whole new world of wonder. Now at nearly 40 I am enjoying my journey and taking each day as it comes. I am highly intuitive which has proven to be a big benefit in my magical life. I am not bound to one tradition but rather allow my instincts to lead me.



You can still place an order and your order will be safe. On our return we will be sending orders out in the order they came in.

Spells & Subscription Boxes will still be be taking place even though we are closed over the Easter holidays so you can still order these and they will be done whilst we are closed.

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