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Introduction to The Village Witch and Amy

Happy Saturday everyone! Are we all having a great week so far? I just wanted to pop on over here and do a little introduction of both myself and The Village Witch for all those who are new to the shop, as well as a little section at the end of a few things to expect until 2022. So buckle up and grab yourself a cuppa, because this is going to be a long post!

So firstly, welcome to you all to The Village Witch! The Village Witch, first established in 1995, is a UK based one shop wonder for all things Witchcraft, Hoodoo and Voodoo. Most of our products are handmade, and handmade by The Village Witch team using genuine recipes and genuine and natural herbs, oils, powders, resins etc. To put it simply, you cannot find any shit in our things, and that is just the way we like it 😉

For anyone who doesn’t know, I (the girl in the photo), am Amy, a 10th generation (as far as we know) traditional witch, who was extremely lucky to be raised within a magical home and spent a little of my childhood helping or being somehow involved with The Village Witch. I say somehow involved, because much like other kids, I couldn’t help but get my hands dug in and so whatever I could do, and safely, I did. Growing up, I helped around our physical shop, making the goodies in there and packing the orders, until now! Personally, my craft is somewhat eclectic. As a Traditional Witch, I don’t personally use particular names such as Green Witch or Kitchen Witch for example, I am simply just a Witch with quite  a love for divination and candles (whilst using oils and powders from The Village Witch – oops!). Saying that, I also do love a good Aura Spray (these are one of my favourite items to make) and also am partial to a little gemstone action (which my mum would shudder at thought of lol!).

As of 2 years ago, the original owner and face of The Village Witch, Bexz/Sally, stepped down as the owner of The Village Witch, allowing me, as her daughter, to continue the family tradition and take over shop. Ever since, I have been taking on each and every job in the background that Bexz/Sally once did, originally starting from preparing all the orders, then to sub boxes, speaking to you lovely lot on email or Facebook messenger and now re-vamping our social media. Each sub box or order that you have received has been planned, created by and sent by me. I have basically spent the past 2 years training and learning everything there is to know about running this business so I am able to do so completely without Bexz/Sally having to constantly be on stand by.  

So with this change, it is natural to think that there are going to be many differences between Bexz/Sally and myself. The main difference, however, is our hair colour. As you may notice in the photo, I am bright ginger, proudly born and bred, whereas Bexz has dark brown hair. I am also somewhat shorter that she is, a fact I get reminded daily about 😉 Another difference is our choice of clothing style. Whilst my mum does love her colours, I cannot help but be a sucker for the alternative style and personally love wearing jewellery featuring pentacles and gemstones. However, that pretty much sums up the differences between my mum and I. The knowledge that Bexz has delivered to you over the many years is the same knowledge that has been passed down to me. I work in similar ways to her and have equal amounts of passion and love for the work I do and the magic I create.

With this in mind, why has it taken me so long to “come out of The Village Witch broom closet”, so to speak? For over 26 years, The Village Witch has been associated with Bexz/Sally, and truth be told, that certainly leaves some pretty big boots to fill. Not only did she create The Village Witch to be where it is today, but she personally helped many of our customers, may have even been one of you! At times, I personally felt that it would be near enough impossible to replace her as the owner of The Village Witch, that I would never be able to fill in those boots and do her justice. However, I have been told and reassured by mum (multiple times) that I am not here to fill her boots, or anyone’s for that matter. Instead, I am here to wear my own and make my own legacy whilst continuing to share The Village Witch and the wonders that is brings to the witchy community.

On the subject of Bexz/Sally, I also wanted to take a little time to share an update on her, as I know that many of our customers did speak to her. She is doing absolutely fine and is on her own journey which will includes a project launching soon of the same nature as, but very different vibe to The Village Witch. I will be sharing a lot more information in the upcoming months as there will be, of course, ample opportunity to do some very exciting crossovers. Now I am the matriarch of my own family, and my mum is now embracing her crone years within our larger overall family, we now have the perfect time to cover everyone’s paths yet do so hand in hand as the matriarchal witches of this generation.

Now to the even more exciting part – shop updates! Firstly, you may have seen over the past few months that we redesigned our website, and I do hope that you are loving it as much as I am! If you haven’t yet seen it, why not have a look now! You’ll be just in time to get your bearings before I begin to add a lot more – yes a lot more! I already have so many new products and ranges to add to the shop in the pipeline, including new oils and powders, new hampers and our Random Sub Boxes which incorporate some of our older names and items from sub boxes that have been. New services will be coming to the shop, as well as some of our old ones – Tarot Readings will be back on The Village Witch. Away from the website, I am also happy to share that in the next few months, The Village Witch will also be a host of a new Facebook group, where you will be able to share your daily fun, findings and perhaps even a sub box or two with others. Blog posts will also be coming back, so watch out for these!

I am very much looking forward to this next chapter of my life as the owner of The Village Witch and getting to know you all a little better. If you have any questions for me, whether that be about me personally or about the shop, why not leave them in the comments and I will get back to you as soon as possible! Until then 😊

Amy x

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One reply on “Introduction to The Village Witch and Amy”

Hi. I have just come across your wonderful online shop. It’s so lovely and rich. I have come into some kind of wonderful energy since I have found an avid interest in magickical energies. It is very timely as I am sorting my garden out and want to know what would be the best kind of herbal plants/flowers to grow. But only to enhance my space, not to make stuff with. I’m training to be a sound/light healer. But I shall definitely be browsing your products to enhance this. Wonderful shop!!

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