Hocus Pocus Hampers – Monthly Witchcraft & Magical Subscription Boxes

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Perfect for yourself or as a gift. A witchcraft/hoodoo/magical themed magical monthly subscription box.

These are NOT your average ‘witchy’ monthly sub box as ours are mainly created with our own handmade and high quality items, made in house, including a limited edition item each month as well as a few extra items too!

Our boxes cover a range of items from different paths including traditional witchcraft, wicca, conjure and New Orleans voodoo. Each box is different and not all paths are in each box. A great way to start a magical collection! Please be warned that this boxes contain all aspects of magic and are suitable for those over 18 years of age.

When you subscribe to our magical monthly subscription box, also known as the Hocus Pocus Hamper, you will receive at LEAST £50 WORTH OF GOODIES including a selection (not all) that will be themed to that current box theme, from the list below.

You will always receive:

  • Handmade and blessed magical oil
  • Handmade and blessed magical ink
  • Handmade and blessed magical powder
  • Handmade and blessed aura spray
  • Handmade and blessed floor wash
  • Handmade and blessed herbal cleansing salt
  • Handmade and blessed loose incense
  • Spellvelope OR Spell Bubbles OR another handmade spell item
  • Candle
  • Treats
  • Parchment sheet with intro to the box theme and instructions

You will ALSO receive ANY of the following:

  • MYI kit (Make It Yourself kit)
  • Badge
  • Trinkets/Jewellery/Decorative Items
  • Magical Tools
  • Plaques or Signs
  • Mugs
  • Stickers
  • Other ‘The Village Witch’ branded items

And YOU WILL ALWAYS RECEIVE AN EDIBLE TREAT to nibble on whilst you open your box AND AT LEAST ONE OF THE ITEMS WILL BE A LIMITED EDITION ‘The Village Witch’ branded item that is currently NOT sold in the shop!

WHAT MAKES OURS DIFFERENT? We encourage you to fact find, to research and to write your own magic! We don’t want to spoon feed you magic that isn’t personal to you, we want your magic to be YOUR magic! Box item instructions are on our website, with little ideas on how to use the products in the box to write your very own spell! You can find the instructions here: https://www.thevillagewitch.co.uk/how-to-use-our-products/

We also have a very special group on Discord where we share ideas for the sub boxes, photos, and offer real time advice and during the month for our boxes. The link to the group is sent in every sub box, every month. You aren’t just joining a sub box, you are joining a community too! Make new friends, ask loads of questions, we are here with you.

All of our own branded products in the box are handmade and themed for that box.

So as you can see, this is not your standard witchy sub box, we want to encourage you to be confident in your magic, whether you are are a beginner or you have been doing it for years, we are here every step of the way.

Boxes will be sent on the 10th of each calendar month (unless the 10th falls over a weekend and then it will be sent on the NEXT WORKING DAY usually the following Monday) and P&P is INCLUDED IN THE PRICE!  Each hamper will be sent in PLAIN mail bags without any of our branding on too, so no need to worry about nosy neighbours!

The sub box part of our website is NOT linked to your account as it is directly managed via PayPal and not this website. Therefore you will not be able to use this site to check for postage of sub boxes OR unsubscribe. Please scroll down to see information on how to unsubscribe should you wish to. Thank you.

If you subscribe AFTER the 8th of each month you will receive your boxes from the following calendar month onwards.

PLEASE NOTE: Your subscription details, confirmation emails and unsubscriptions are all handled by your own account on PayPal. Please make sure that PayPal has your CORRECT delivery postal address AND email address.

TO UNSUBCSCRIBE: You can unsubscribe at any time by going to your Pre-Approved Payments page on your PayPal account and cancelling the subscription – if you want to take a break for a couple of months, just unsubscribe and then start again when you want!

Subscribe below!

Subscribe for delivery to the UK – £30

pixel - Hocus Pocus Hampers - Monthly Witchcraft & Magical Subscription Boxes


Subscribe for International delivery – £45

pixel - Hocus Pocus Hampers - Monthly Witchcraft & Magical Subscription Boxes

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