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Conquering 10 Misconceptions about Witchcraft

Happy Monday everyone!

I hope you are all doing amazingly! Today, is going to be a fairly light-hearted post where I, as a practicing witch, work through some misconceptions of Witchcraft that I have encountered in my life! Whilst I have only listed 10 misconceptions here, there are so many more, but I also didn’t want to waffle on for too long 😉

So, grab a brew and let’s get started!

1) Magic doesn’t exist

Before we get started on the misconceptions about Witches, we need to address the big elephant in the room! In the past, when I have told someone I practice magic or believe in Witchcraft, I have received “the look” off people. You know the one which implies, “oh we have a crazy one here!” look – yep, that is the one!

So many immediately jump to the misconception that witchcraft and magic is just a thing of the fairytales. However, to those who may be reading this and feeling somewhat skeptical, I have a couple of questions for you.

Have you ever wished for something to come true and it did? Did you believe in the Tooth Fairy or Santa growing up? Did you believe as a kid that a hug from someone you love could help you feel better? Do you watch the sunrise or the sunset? All of this is magical in its own right. Magic exists if you believe it does.

2) Witches are Evil

Now, we are getting into the “good stuff”! For those who do think that there could be a possibility that witches exist, the next assumption is that all witches are evil or bad, or may even perhaps worship the Devil in some way.

There are a couple of misconceptions here… Witchcraft is neutral. It isn’t inherently bad. Also, the Devil is a Christianised concept, not a witchy one, therefore if we do not believe in a religion, how can we believe in the Devil?

3) Being a Witch is all about the aesthetics – the gothy look

A couple of years ago, I was doing a post office round with the subscription boxes. Whilst they were being processed, another customer came up and said, “You look like you have been busy. May I ask what is inside?”. Of course, I explained what the sub boxes were and her reply was the following: “Ah yes, you can tell you are a Witch. You are wearing all black and look gothy”.

Personally, I wear black because I feel at my most empowered in slightly more alternative clothings. Not to mention, have you seen a ginger wear certain shades of orange or pink. It clashes horribly! I have absolutely no issue with the colour pink on items – my daily planner is baby pink on the inside and I love it! I just don’t really like it on me.,

We then have the TikTok Witches. Those who boost the witch aesthetic culture. Those who plaster themselves in pentacles and moon phases yet do not actually practice. There is a misconception that if you just wear black or shove a pentacle on, then you automatically become a witch. Magic doesn’t really work like that!

Saying this, if you are like me, then by all means use fashion and make up as a self love ritual. A spell for confidence and empowerment. Just remember that you do not have to be gothy or in all black. If you love the Boho look – go for it. If you would rather dress up in suits and blazers – I salute you!

4) Witchcraft and Wicca are the same

Ah – another good one! If by chance I explain to someone that I am Witch, another reply I am met with is, “Oh yes, I have heard about Wicca!”.

Um… no! Wicca and Witchcraft are not the same thing! Wicca is a polythestic, neo-pagan religion. This means that they do believe in deities, worship and work with them. Witchcraft is simply a practice, a way of life where we use the energies around us (including our own) and the tools and gifts the Earth gives us to hopefully manifest something into existence. Witchcraft is not a religion. This means that Witchcraft can be paired with other religions, including Wicca. You can be a Christian Witch, a Buddhist Witch, a Hindu Witch etc etc.

5) Magic is a fix all

In the past, I have seen on the internet people using spells to fix simple everyday things. Magic is not a fix all, and in most scenarios may not actually be needed at all.

If your washing machine breaks, what you need is a plumber or an electrician or just buy a new washing machine! If someone upsets you, your best first point of call should be to address it like any other human. Communicate honestly and calmly with them and hope to resolve the situation, or simply just walk away and don’t let it hurt you anymore.

Magic is helping hand, not a fix all!

6) You can only be something or use something if you are born one/there.

This is another misconception that winds me up a little bit and is actually a misconception which is currently circling all magical/witchy/spiritual paths. This misconception is also one that I know I am probably going to get a little bad feedback about, however I do not like this new gatekeeping attitude that is being used to stop people entering a better life for themselves.

I have seen people telling others they cannot be a Witch unless they are born one. I have seen people say you cannot practice conjure unless you were born in New Orleans. I have seen people say you cannot use tarot unless you were born in Italy. I have seen people say you cannot use sage or barks such as Oak and Sandalwood unless you were born in America.

In my opinion, as long as you do your research, follow the path truly and properly, then do not let anyone tell you, you cannot do it. For example, if you want to Wiccan, then do follow the Wiccan Rede, and if your Wiccan Journey needs it, then yes, you will have to be initiated into a coven and go through a journey of a year and a day until you can practice. Yes, tarot may have roots in Italy and other European countries, but that doesn’t mean you cannot learn about tarot and use tarot in England or America or Asia – as long as you aren’t messing around with it. You can use Sage, Oak and Sandalwood if you aren’t from America. Just make sure when you are buying/sourcing it, you are mindful of its history, making sure it is sourced responsibly etc. The part that really upsets me is that Sage and Oak come from England. We have our own Sage and Oak is literally our national tree. Just make sure you aren’t messing around!

7) We only do money and love spells

Hollywood has a lot to answer for in this one! A lot of media presents witches as just making people fall in love or just making people rich!

Witches and magic can do so much more than that.

That’s it really for this misconception – just don’t get caught up in wanting and taking more than you need!

8) All bindings/hexes/curses are evil

As touched on above, many believe that Witches are bad, only cast hexes and curses and consequently making them bad too.

In Traditional Witchcraft, you very rarely cast hexes, if ever. If you do, then this is done purely as a protective measure for yourself and your loved ones, not just to make someone else’s life bad. Therefore, if it is a protective spell, then it isn’t actually a bad thing.

9) Black and White Magic

This misconception relates to No 8. There is a belief that witches are either Black or White Witches, who practice Black and White Magic.

Magic is neutral. It doesn’t have a colour. It doesn’t have a label. It isn’t all good or all bad. Magic just is. It is up to the Witch to decide what they will use it for.

10) All Witches are psychics

My last misconception is one that covers the supernatural. Many believe that witchcraft is another name for necromancy or mediumship. Necromancy and Mediumship are two different things, neither of which are Witchcraft.

Witches do not summon up the dead and work with them. Nor can all witches communicate with loved ones who have past. Yes. some are blessed with clairvoyant (clear seeing of those not on this plane) or clairsentient (clear knowing of the presence of someone not on this plane). However, just become some can, doesn’t mean that all can nor does it mean it is a part of Witchcraft. It is completely separate and you can get psychics or mediums who practice Christianity or Catholicism.

So there we have it – my 10 misconceptions of Witchcraft! WHat other ones have you experienced in your magical journey?

Lots of Love and Magic,

Amy x

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