Welcome to The Village Witch. We are an online witchcraft shop, which is full of wonder, supplies and of course, magic. With everything you need for traditional witchcraft, hoodoo and voodoo, we are able to provide you with full witch services including advice from a family of hereditary witches that still practise to this day, we also have a resident hoodoo rootworker and a voodoo practitioner.

We are traditional village witches and hoodoo rootworkers. Being traditional witches which means we follow the old craft which has been taught down from generations past. We are not Wiccan and do not follow Wicca, however we do have Wiccan advisors as part of our resource team and we serve the international Wiccan community. We also have Christian and Catholic advisors on our team too as we sell items that could be used by many faiths, paths and cultures and we want to stay true to each of them. Many of our team have written books and articles on witchcraft, had many radio interviews and have been filmed in documentaries on the topics of witchcraft and hoodoo in the UK.

We sell all kinds of magical and herbal store cupboard ingredients as we are one of the largest supplier of traditional witchcraft and hoodoo spell ingredients in the UK.

We also offer full training and witchcraft consultations, tarot readings as well as custom spells & spell work being undertaken. We also host a thriving online witchcraft community.

We have been established since 1995 and this year we celebrate our 23rd anniversary. We have proudly served the witchcraft and hoodoo community for 23 years. Whatever we do, make or cast, we do with passion for our traditions and with open minds and hearts. All of our own branded items are handmade to order, with care and attention, and made with the finest ingredients. Each item is charged with intent and blessed before sending out to our customers worldwide.

Sending you all the very for your magical days ahead…

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Every own branded item is handmade to order and blessed before sending out. We take pride in everything we make and only use the quality ingredients that we can find. Everything we make, we use ourselves too.

all clients are unique

All clients and their situations are unique. We love the fact that we can talk to our clients so we can work out a plan of action whether that means using a particular oil or just showing them how to cast a simple spell.

The Personal Touch

Everyone who works at The Village Witch Shop is either a friend or family. This enables us to work with a personal touch as we know how each of us work, what we are good at what & who is for the job.

Latest Reviews

“I wanted to say a massive thank you to Bee and her team for ing us with her spell bag, oils and powders. The results have been incredible and I’m really overwhelmed with how they’ve ed with some serious negativity clearing! I’m amazed and eternally grateful. I am launching my clothing brand soon and I know exactly who I’ll be coming to for magical support. You’ve changed my life, the brightest of blessings to you!”

Kat / The Moon Witch

“I’ve ordered from you before, but it’s been a while. And I loved the stuff. I’m from New Orleans, and I can promise you, you are the -only- people in this country that have anything like what I’m used to getting from home.”


“Just wanted to let you know that your business blessing powder and the magic floor wash are wonderful. Thank you! Snippets Needlework is going from strength to strength.”

Deborah / Snippets Needlework

“I cannot recommend The Village Witch Shop highly enough. Perfect – a huge array of goodies and basics. Fast delivery, very friendly comms – just wish I lived closer to your shop Bee x”

Susie Corben

“This shop sells awesome items, has great stock and is run by the nicest person you could meet, ful, friendly and dedicated. What you order will be a good , the p&p is low, it is just the place to shop for your goodies. Blessings Viv xx”

Vivian Meadows

“Hi, me again, just had to tell you that the money drawing oil and powder worked a treat in my spell; worked in less than two weeks! Astonishing! ????”


“I requested a spell and have had good feed back. Bee has been a great she is very trust worthy. I recommend her as I was recommended by a friend. Good d also. Thanks.”

Allen Taylor


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Handmade Magical Spell Powders, Blessing Powders, Dirts & Dusts – 50ml Amber Glass Bottles (Large Practitioner Size)

Money Drawing Powder – Hoodoo Voodoo Witchcraft Wicca Pagan – 50ml Amber Glass Bottle (Large Practitioner Size)


Handmade Magical Spell Powders, Blessing Powders, Dirts & Dusts – 50ml Amber Glass Bottles (Large Practitioner Size)

Fire of Love Powder – Hoodoo Voodoo Witchcraft Wicca Pagan – 50ml Amber Glass Bottle (Large Practitioner Size)


Handmade Magical Oils, Spell Oils & Anointing Oils – 50ml Amber Glass Bottles (Large Practitioner Size)

Money Drawing Oil – Witchcraft Wicca Hoodoo Voodoo Pagan – 50ml Amber Glass Bottle (Large Practitioner Size)


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