Traditional Witchcraft Information

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About Traditional Witchcraft

What is a traditional village witch?

I’m a witch, not a Wiccan (The difference between traditional witchcraft & Wicca)

Is being a witch…difficult?

The term ‘fluffy’

What is Magic?

Magic has no colour

Spell Casting & Spells

What is Spellcraft?

The power of candlelight

A little bit of magic  – everyday

Find your light spell

Show me my path spell

Tools & Supplies

Holey Stones / Odin Stones / Hag Stones

Herbs & Herbal Info

Ancient names for herbs

Magical properties of herbs

Colours, Crystals, Gems & Metals

Magical properties of  crystals, gems and metals

Magical properties of colours – Colours and their meanings

The Moon

UK Moon Phase Dates & Times / Full Moon Dates & Times / New Moon Dates & Times


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