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7 Day Cast (7 casts) = £80
21 Day Cast (21 casts) = £150
90 Day Cast (90 casts) = £300

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Honey jar spells are one of the oldest forms of bottle spells in the world and are a great way to sweeten someone or something towards you. This could be a lover, money, a new job, a judge, a boss, a new home or anything else that you want to draw towards you.

Our honey jar spells are worked on between 7 and 90 days (your choice). We create the honey jar and add all the ingredients and your petition (wish or goal) and then fix candles with appropriate oil and burn the candles on top of the honey jar for 90 days.  We will send you a photo by email of your honey jar as the candles burn so you know which jar is yours on our altar.

We have been casting honey jar spells for clients for decades, however, we do always check the ethics of each spell that comes in.

We offer a variety of cast times depending on how long you would like us to work on your spell. Some of our long term clients prefer our 90 day casts because they know they have constant work being done for them. The money you pay is for the supplies we use in your casts and our time (for example, 90 day casts use a MINIMUM of 90 candles, 90 days worth of oils, powders and herbs etc).

The longer cast times do NOT determine the strength of the spell but the repeated casts reaffirm the intent to the Universe, spirits, Saints, Loas, ancestors etc providing peace of mind that the magic is being worked for you over a longer period.

ALL spells, however, can be cast under any cast time unless specified otherwise.

We are always happy to help and give advice, and we will always be honest in which cast is best for your situation.

7 Day Cast (7 casts) = £80
21 Day Cast (21 casts) = £150
90 Day Cast (90 casts) = £300


  • Your name
  • Your date of birth
  • Your photo
  • The targets name
  • The targets date of birth (if you know it)
  • The targets photo (if you have one)
  • Your petition (your wish, what you want the spell to achieve, written in a statement form such as “I want to have love in my life, to feel happy and healthy” etc)

Please email this to shop@thevillagewitch.co.uk after you have ordered. Thank you.


Who Will Be Casting Your Spell

Our spells are all cast by Astrid and assisted with by her team. Astrid is an experienced hereditary traditional witch (9th generation) and also a fully trained and practising hoodoo & voodoo practitioner. She has worked as a witch for many years, it is not just her path but her complete way of life. She is a published author on the subject and has also been interviewed for many documentaries, films, radio shows etc, as well as being an advisor to films and photo shoots and more.

How Magic Works

All magic (whether spells cast by us or anyone else) has no guarantees or time scales in which it works. We work incredibly hard on all of our spells and other custom ordered magical work with a great deal of success and many, many positive testimonials, although so many things can hinder our magical work including personal blocks and blockages from other outside sources. You also have to realise that magic gives you what you need, when you need it, not always what you want, when you want it.  The one thing we will always give you is honesty and the promise to work hard – using many generations of knowledge – on your spells.

Please also be aware that, with spells, you have to be very ‘careful with what you wish for’. Once you order a spell and the spell is cast, there is NO going back. Your intent and ONLY your intent will be the target fuel in the spell. We provide all of the vigils, sundries, spell ingredients, candles, hours of blessings and spell casting but most of all, our energy. Please be very sure on what you want before placing an order. We will NOT be held liable for any outcome of YOUR spell. Whatever you purchase or ask for, you do so at  your own risk.

We are not miracle workers and cannot heal you from serious illness, disability or disease. We would much rather you sought professional medical advice, however, we are more than happy to send you blessings and we offer healing spells that aid your positive approach to your own self healing. Also, if you are being hurt, abused or stalked, we are in no position to physically help you, so please contact the police. However, we can offer magical protection which is something we have done for many years, again with great success. MAGIC IS NOT A SUBSTITUTE FOR MEDICAL OR PSYCHOLOGICAL HELP AND THEIR ASSOCIATED PROFESSIONALS, OR AS A SUBSTITUTE FOR PHYSICAL ABUSE, MENTAL ABUSE SAFETY ADVISERS & EMERGENCY SERVICES SUCH AS THE POLICE.

Cast Times

We have many spells that are 7, 21 or 90 days etc casts. This does NOT mean that your spell will work in this time! It simply means that we cast a spell for you each day for 7 days or 21 days or 90 days etc.

When Your Spell Is Cast & Contacting Us After Your Spell Is Cast

Please be aware that we dedicate our own personal time to cast spells. Most of our spell casts are performed during the evening or through the night, once again, always in our own personal time and not ‘work time’. This is when we feel our energy is at it’s strongest and most focused. We have many long term clients that stay with us for monthly magic, some for over 10 years. If you would like to stay in contact with us after your spell has been cast, then we are more than happy for you to email us the occasional update. We do not provide magical or spell support beyond the arrangement, construction and the casting of your spell. With as many clients as we have, it would be unfair to do this as we would not be as focused on your actual spell, but rather answering thousands of emails. Therefore, all of our energy and attention goes towards your spell, which is how it should be.

Please do not contact us if you deem your spell not to be working immediately or how you wanted it to (please see warnings, terms and conditions above). We will not tolerate harassment, bullying, persecution, foul language or any other hate mail, postal or physical contact. You have been warned.

Refunds For Spell Work Or Magical Work

Magic does not always work in a perfect way as we have said before: lots of other things in life can affect magic which is why there cannot be any guarantees or time scales and we will not be held liable for any outcomes. Whatever you purchase or ask for, you do so at your own risk. WE DO NOT GIVE REFUNDS for magic/spells that have already been cast, that you deem not to be working, taking too long to work or working in a different way to that of which you had wished. Please read above warnings. We reserve the right, however, to refund or refuse spells that we do not wish to cast for moral or ethical reasons.

By purchasing any magical work through us you confirm to have read, understood and agreed to these terms and all of our other terms and conditions on our website.

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Cast Times

7 Day Cast – Cast 7 Times = £80, 21 Day Cast – Cast 21 Times = £150, 90 Day Cast – Cast 90 Times = £300

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