Divination Ink – Handmade Magical Ink – Witchcraft Wicca Pagan Druid Hoodoo Voodoo Vodou – 8ml Glass Vial (Small Personal Size)


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Use this ink when you need help in divination for seeking knowledge or contacting spirits.


Our handmade magical inks are handmade with pigments, resin and essential oils. Each ink is handmade and blessed to order and can be used in a variety of ways such as petition and spell writing, writing on charms, amulets and talismans, writing in grimoires, creating sigils and many more. You can use a fountain pen, quill or even a stick to dip into the ink and write.

Pigments may settle during transit so please shake extremely well before use. Inks WILL stain. Do not use on the skin or take internally.

Our products may not be the cheapest, and we make no apology for this as they are of EXCEPTIONAL QUALITY and HANDMADE BY US with love, care and using the finest ingredients.

We use real herbs, roots, powders, barks, petals, bones, shells & essential oils or herbal and flower blended oils, amongst many other traditional ingredients. THESE ARE AUTHENTIC AND HANDMADE and are NOT MADE IN A FACTORY like many others. Our products are made to GENUINE family recipes that have been handed down.

Price is for one 8ml glass vial.