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Use to sweeten up your sex life and pump up the passion! 

Ever heard the phrase “You can catch more flies with honey than with vinegar”? Sometimes the best way to do something is to draw it closed to you with sweetness.

Honey has been used for generations because of it’s pure natural sweetness and also it’s sticky nature. The sweetness draws things in and the stickiness, well, makes it stay!

We use these magical honeys for clients who wish to have honey sent to them and made by use to add to their own jars and then we just thought, we are sure other people would like these too! We are proud to bring these little pots of sweet goodness to you!

Our small jars of magical honey have not just been charged and blessed but have also had herbs, roots, petals, essential oils and metallic elements such as gold leaf, silver leaf etc, added to them. They are small enough to be portable and can be used in a variety of ways!

  1. Rub into and anoint a candle to dress a candle.
  2. Use as a standalone honey jar.
  3. Add the contents to your own honey jar.
  4. Add to your altar/shrine as an offering.
  5. Keep with you as an all round tool.

Just don’t eat it! It’s magical honey not for adding to toast 😉

All of our magical honeys have been created and blessed by us, by hand. And we only use the very best honey too!

Approx 30ml, sold in a glass jar. Price is for one jar. For magical use only. Not to be used on the skin or taken internally.


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